Lady Who Bought N800 Pillow From Aboki Breaks Down In Tears After Checking Inside

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A woman who purchased an N800 pillow from a street vendor, often referred to as an ‘Aboki,’ was deeply upset when she unveiled its contents.

Taking to TikTok, the young lady, known as @chubby__folly, shared her recent experience acquiring a pillow for N800 from an ‘Aboki.’ To her dismay, she discovered subpar foam materials inside the pillow, prompting her to record this distressing revelation. The video rapidly gained attention, leaving viewers shocked by the poor product quality.

Responding to this shocking discovery, @chubby__folly decided to symbolically reject the inferior item by setting the pillow on fire.

Following @chubby__folly’s revelation, social media platforms were inundated with responses from individuals sharing their own encounters with purchasing inexpensive pillows from ‘Abokis.’ Many expressed their disgust and frustration, recounting similar experiences with low-quality products.

@Sire_Secret_Essence reacted: “I can’t help but laugh at the situation; buying cheap items comes with its own risks.”

@Baiby_lee reacted: “You bought an N800 pillow; you might as well have expected to find wood and a cutlass inside.”

@Pearly commented: “I bought the same thing four years ago; I kept having nightmares and eventually had to open it to see what was inside. I ended up burning it too.”

@Lope said: “I’m currently using the same pillow.”

@Jhudeewealth reacted: “I bought a bedsheet; the seller promised it was king size, but when I got home, it turned out to be a bunk size bedsheet wrapped around empty cartons.”

@Big Tems advised: “Just buy a fiber pillow instead....See More

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