Man Who Spent 21 Years In America Weeps After Suddenly Finding Himself Under A Bridge In Africa

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A UK-trained Banking and Finance graduate has recounted an emotional story of finding himself under Oshodi bridge in Lagos after 21 years in America in a radio interview.
According to the man, he spent 9 years in London, during which he studied banking and finance.

While living in America, he had a dream where he saw himself flying and encountered signboards such as “Welcome to Bahamas” (where he usually went for vacation), another saying ‘Welcome to London,’ followed by ‘Welcome to Africa,’ and yet another reading ‘Welcome to Nigeria.’

He woke up from the dream shouting “Nigeria” deliriously, and his family sent him to a hospital in California.

Man who spent 21 years in America weeps after suddenly finding himself under a bridge in Africa
After his release, he was sent back to Nigeria, where his elder siblings picked him up at the airport and took him to Yaba Psychiatric Hospital.

He mentioned that he was dumped there, and the hospital had to send him out because nobody was coming to take care of his fees and upkeep.

The man started sleeping under Oshodi bridge until the day when the police chased people out from their abode under the bridge.

During this encounter, the police prodded him with their guns, asking who he was. In that moment, he regained his sanity and confused the policemen by telling them he was from America.

He further shared that he was eventually taken to a mountain where he spent 6 years undergoing a process of deliverance….See More

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