Meet 2 Biggest Cows Breeds In The World (Photos)

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Size matters a lot when it comes to cows, particularly in phrases of the meat and milk they produce. At first glance, it would possibly appear like huge cows are the key to success for each and every farmer, but it is vital to know how difficult it is to raise giant cattle breeds.

It is challenging for a breed of cow to alter to changes in the local weather and environment.

Below are the cow breeds:

1. Chianina

The largest breed of cow in the world is the Chianina. It comes from Tuscany in Italy and can reach heights of 2 metres and weights of more than 1,700 kg. The tallest and heaviest cows in the world are chianinas, which are also amongst the oldest cattle breeds.

The breed was once once widely used as draught cattle but is now frequently used for producing beef. Chianina cows have difficult skin and are resistant to parasites, which approves them to quickly adapt to hotter climates.

2. South Devon

The greatest native cattle breed in the nation, South Devon cows, also referred to as “The Gentle Giants,” have their origins in the UK. The heaviest recorded South Devon cow weighed 2,000 kg, whereas the average South Devon cow weighs 1,600 kg. Bulls of this breed can work till they are 12 years old.

The South Devon breed produces both meat and milk. Strong milk manufacturing and a developed mom instinct help a high percentage of youngsters survive. The cows have a 15-year reproductive life. Since they live so long, solely a small number of heifers are wished to improve the herd, and many of them are bought as breeding inventory or as top rate meat carcasses....See More

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