Meet Nelson Mandela’s Step Child Who Lost Her Eyes Because Of A Toxic Partner

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One might assume that Josina Machel did not endure abuse due to her close family ties. However, her former partner inflicted such severe harm that she lost vision in one eye. This traumatic incident occurred in Mozambique but could have happened in South Africa, where a culture of male violence prevails and needs to change.

Josina Z. Machel, the daughter of Graca and Samora Machel and Nelson Mandela’s stepsister, hails from a family of activists. Her commitment to advancing gender equality has deepened in response to her personal experiences.

In 2015, Josina asked her boyfriend, Rofino Licuco, for a ride to her mother’s house after a night out. This angered him, leading to violence as he believed she was not honest. He invoked patriarchal authority to assault her, striking her twice in the face.

Josina’s legal case against Licuco ended in defeat due to insufficient evidence, with her intoxication wrongly blamed for her injuries. Despite ophthalmologists testifying that Licuco caused her eye damage, the court doubted the prosecution’s case.

Sadly, Josina’s lost police case file is a common occurrence in South Africa, and the money initially given to her was never repaid. This serves as yet another example of the oppression women face. Without accountability, those who harm others continue to evade justice and rise in stature, perpetuating this cycle...See More

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