Meet The Ostrich Tribe With Strange Two Toes (Photos)

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The Vadoma people, also known as the Bantwana tribe, are a small ethnic group located in northern Zimbabwe, specifically in the region surrounding the town of Mount Darwin.
What makes the Vadoma people unique is that they are all born with only two toes on each foot, which has been a source of curiosity and interest for scientists and researchers. The condition, known as ectrodacty or split hand and foot malformation, is a rare genetic condition that affects only a small number of people worldwide.
In the Vadoma tribe, it is estimated that up to 25 percent of the population has the condition, which is passed down through generations.

The Vadoma people have their own explanation for the condition, which they believe is a result of a curse placed on their ancestors by a vengeful spirit. According to legend, a man was rejected by a Vadoma woman and placed a curse on the tribe, causing their offspring to be born with only two toes. Despite this mythological explanation, scientists have identified a genetic mutation responsible for the condition in the Vadoma people. Researchers from the University of Kansas conducted a study and discovered that the mutation is associated with the PITX1 gene, which plays a crucial role in the development of the lower limbs.

While the Vadoma people’s condition may seem like a disadvantage, they have adapted to their unique physiology, and it has not hindered their daily lives. They have developed their own traditional methods of farming, hunting, and fishing, and continue to maintain their cultural traditions and practices.

In recent years, the Vadoma people have gained some attention from tourists, who are interested in learning about their way of life and their unique physical characteristics.

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However, it is important to approach their culture with respect and sensitivity, as they are a small and vulnerable community who have faced discrimination and marginalization in the past...See More

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