Meet Ugandan Woman Who Has Travel To All 195 Countries On Earth

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Jessica Nabongo is the first African-American woman to go to every country in the world. By the time she was 35, she had visited all 195 nations. Jessica Nabongo was born in Uganda to Ugandan parents and is an African-American woman from Detroit, Michigan. Her passports are from both the United States and Uganda. When she was four years old, she began traveling. As she grew older, traveling became a way of life for her.

After reading an article about Cassie De Pecol, Jessica was inspired to become the first black woman to visit every country on the planet. Cassie De Pecol is a world traveler who recently broke the Guinness World Record for seeing every country on the planet in the quickest period.

By the time she set the goal and timeline in 2016, she had already visited 60 countries. In 2017, she decided to visit every country in the world for the first time, making her the first black woman to do so. She had completed her mission when she arrived at Seychelles in 2019. Jessica used Instagram to keep her followers up to date on her excursions and share them with her followers.

Along the way, she worked as a photographer, a writer, and a vocal proponent of inclusive and ethical tourism. Jessica’s journey has taken her around the world, where she has had interesting encounters. Her trip to Africa was all the more important to her because her relatives live in Uganda.….See More

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