Meet World’s Oldest Prisoner Who Was Imprisoned For 70 Years

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Francis Smith is his full name. He is the Connecticut resident who has served the longest amount of time in prison. He was incarcerated for a 1949 murder in Greenwich for which he was found guilty in 1950, however, he is no longer housed in a jail cell.

Smith, a long-time miscreant from Noroton, was convicted and sentenced to prison for his involvement in the murder of a night watchman at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club on the beach of Greenwich, even though onlookers and legal professionals thought he was innocent. He was incarcerated for 70 years when that trial concluded in a Bridgeport courtroom.

He evaded a massive manhunt for 12 days after fleeing an Enfield prison farm in 1967. He was on parole for 10 months, his final taste of freedom before being liberated, when he committed a crime that landed him back in jail in 1975. Smith, who had spent years in prison, had most recently been housed at the Osborn Correctional Institute in Somers, a facility designed specifically for senior inmates. Many onlookers and legal experts have questioned Smith’s punishment in this case, as well as how his murder conviction from nearly 75 years ago was handled. His birth year was 1924.…See More

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