Mistakes Husbands Make That Turn Their Wives Off

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1. Forgetting to take your medication after getting home from work.

When you get home from work, take a bath instead of going directly to bed to wash off all the dirt and perspiration that must have accumulated over the day. Your wife might be afraid and keep quiet, but she won’t like it because it might make her smell bad

2. Taking off your shoes in the bedroom.

When you go home from work, take off your shoes outside the bedroom and don’t bring them inside because your wife can’t take care of everything for you. The shoes in question must be left outside since they smell awful.

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3. Focusing solely on your phone rather than your wife.

Focus just on your wife in the bedroom and put everything else on wait. Your wife will get angry if you spend all night in the bedroom staring at your phone.

Your wife is the one person you should spend time with in bed with; you should get close to her and discuss family matters.

4. Returning pointless calls.

Unless it’s an emergency, I advise husbands to turn off their phones and avoid taking calls when in the bedroom with their wives. A male buddy should be chosen if you must answer a call; otherwise, your wife will be upset, and you already know what will happen.

5. Taking a nap without first talking to your wife.

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Finally, don’t just ignore your wife and go to sleep; instead, have a little conversation with her in the bedroom. At that moment, you’ll be able to see if she still needs your assistance and have the opportunity to do so.…See More

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