Never Let Your Child Do These 4 Things With Anyone

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Protecting your child’s safety and well-being is paramount. Here are four critical things you should never allow your child to do with anyone:

1. Share Personal Information.

It’s crucial to teach your child not to share personal information with anyone they don’t know well. This includes their full name, home address, school name, and contact details. Predators often use this information for harmful purposes.

2. Accept Gifts or Favors.

Instruct your child never to accept gifts or favors from strangers or even acquaintances without your approval. Many perpetrators use these tactics to gain trust and manipulate children.

3. Go Somewhere Alone.

Children should never go anywhere with someone they don’t know well, especially if they are asked to keep it a secret. Ensure they understand the importance of always notifying a trusted adult about their whereabouts.

4. Engage in Inappropriate Touch.

Teach your child about the concept of personal boundaries and consent. They should know that no one should touch them inappropriately, and they should immediately report any uncomfortable experiences to you or a trusted adult.…See More

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