Nothing Will Make A Woman Not To Toast You If Do These 4 Things

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The fact that women chase guys is one of the dating secrets that most men are unaware of. They don’t simply go after any man, either; they go after high-status males.

If you put certain things in place, women may start asking you out. Here are four techniques to get her to chase you.

1. Stop chasing.

This is a difficult concept for some guys to grasp. The truth is, if you want her to chase you, you have to quit chasing her. If you’ve demonstrated that you’re incredibly easy to get, a lady won’t chase you down.

2. Be a challenge.

When you’re with the woman, you should act in a way that demonstrates you’re higher in status than she is. Average males are not pursued by women.

3. Always be the first to terminate any conversations.

whether you’re talking to her in person or online, always be the first to end them.

4. Ask the correct questions.

Don’t ask things like, “Do you like me?” or “Are you interested in me?” Is it possible that I am your type? Instead, ask queries like, “What distinguishes you from any other girl?” You might also tell her to give you three characteristics that distinguish her….See More

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