Reason Why The Israel Flag Has A Six Edged Star And What It Represents

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Israel has in the last one month been in the limelight, this is due to the current war between Israel and Palestine. The Israel Flag has been a key item used to represent authority, a six edged star which are two overlapping triangles are drawn from history.

According to research obtained from historical books, the Jewish State of Israel which draws it’s teachings from Judaism as it’s historical main religion, considers the relationship between man and God paramount. The stars overlaps meaning the inseparable relationship that man should enjoy with God.

The flag which is a common symbol of unity to the people of Israel has since become an emblem of peace, balance and faith that they people practicing Judaism has in one God who they believe can’t be divided.

The star also called star of David, Magen David or the Shield of was in honor of Zionist David Wolffsohn, who designed it...See More

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