Reasons Why Book Of Enoch And Other Two Were Removed From The Bible

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The Bible is one of the most widely read and revered books in the world, but few people comprehend that some books were withdrawn from the Bible over the centuries. These books, known as the apocryphal or deuterocanonical, were documented by early Christian writers but were not included in the official canon of the Bible. There are several explanations for why these books were removed over time. Some were considered to be blasphemous and wicked, and generally against mainstream Christian beliefs. They go against other books’ teachings which makes the bible conflict itself.

One of the most famous of these hidden books is the Book of Enoch. It tells the story of Enoch, a biblical figure who was taken up to heaven by God without dying. This book contains a detailed account of the angels and their work, including their interactions with humans on Earth It was highly regarded by early Christian authors but was ultimately pulled out from the canon due to its contentious pedagogy.

Another hidden book is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene who was one of Jesus’ disciples, and her relationship with Jesus. It was highly respected in early Christian societies but was not included in the canon due to its illustration of Mary Magdalene as a leader of all disciples. During those days, women were not allowed to hold any leadership positions in the church.

The Gospel of Thomas is another hidden book that was removed from the Bible. This gospel contains collections concerning Jesus and was approvingly respected by many early Christian civilizations. However, it was finally taken away from the canon due to its blasphemous teachings, which were deemed profane by Christian authorities.

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Despite being peeled off from the Bible, these secret books are still widely read and researched today. They offer useful understandings of the hypotheses and procedures of early Christian societies and give important information into the account of Christianity. While they may not be regarded as part of the official doctrine, they are a vital part of the Christian convention and continue to motivate and inform devotees around the world..…See More

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