Reasons Why Your Woman Never Texts First But Responds When You Do

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1. Shyness or insecurity.

The person may be shy or have low self-confidence, making them hesitant to initiate conversations. They might feel more comfortable responding rather than taking the first step.

2. Fear of rejection.

They may be afraid of being rejected or coming across as too eager if they text first. By waiting for you to initiate the conversation, they can gauge your interest and feel more secure in their response.

3. Playing hard to get.

Some people adopt a strategy of not initiating contact in order to appear less available and make the other person more interested. It can be a way to create a sense of anticipation and desire.

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4. Lack of interest.

If the person consistently fails to initiate conversations and only responds when you do, it could be a sign that they are not as interested or invested in the relationship. They may be passively responding to avoid confrontation or completely dismissing the effort.

5. Personal preference.

Some individuals simply have a preference for not taking the lead in communication. They might feel more comfortable responding and allowing others to drive the conversation….See More

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