See The Junkyard In China Where Millions Of Vehicles Are Thrown Away And Scrapped (Photos)

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We all know that China is one of the richest countries in the world. Not only that, with its very high population, there are many abandoned cars in such a country.

Due to the issue of many abandoned cars, the Chinese government has implemented regulations for recycling certain types of vehicles to be used in the country. Many cars and buses were left abandoned, and the scrapyards that the Chinese government established helped reduce the number of abandoned vehicles. This initiative allowed citizens to obtain clean and reliable cars for use on the road, instead of dealing with faulty or secondhand cars that might break down and clutter the roadside.

The government also banned many vehicles in the country that did not meet its terms and conditions for safety and environmental standards. In 2016, China announced the ban of 5 million cars that were no longer allowed on the roads. As a result, citizens had to sell their old cars to recycling companies, which used some of the parts to rebuild and sell new cars in the country. This not only improved the environment but also contributed to boosting China’s economy.

Reports indicate that over 16 million cars are scrapped in China every year. The Chinese government is taking various measures to reduce environmental pollution in a country with a huge population. Allowing citizens to drive unsafe or faulty cars will harm them physically and financially...See More

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