See What This Billionaire Did Before He Died

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Chuck Feeney wasn’t just a billionaire; he embodied the art of living through wholehearted giving. His peaceful passing at the age of 92 in San Francisco marked the end of a life rich not in wealth accumulation, but in its generous distribution across the world.

Raised during the Great Depression, Chuck’s Irish American parents instilled unwavering values of morality and a strong work ethic in him. His remarkable journey in the business world, especially after co-founding Duty Free Shoppers, was a testament to his industrious spirit. Yet, the true brilliance lay not in his amassed fortune but in how he chose to employ it.

Chuck’s philosophy, succinctly expressed in his biography, remained constant: “You should use your wealth to help people.” This belief underpinned his philanthropic endeavors, lived rather than merely spoken. Through The Atlantic Philanthropies, he channeled over $8 billion generously into global causes, impacting lives in the United States, The Republic of Ireland, Britain, Northern Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Viet Nam, Bermuda, and Cuba.

His generosity was not a mere dispersion of wealth but a well-considered allocation of resources where they were most needed. He directed $3.7 billion towards education, over $870 million to defend human rights, and more than $700 million to enhance healthcare services, embodying a comprehensive approach to global well-being.

Bill Gates, a prominent figure in technology and philanthropy, hailed him as the “ultimate example of giving while living.” Chuck himself found joy in this principle, highlighting that “It’s much more fun to give while you are alive than to give when you are dead.”

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What Chuck left behind is far more precious than money – it’s a legacy of love, care, and unbridled generosity. His actions resonated with the essence of love and selflessness found in faith, reflecting the Biblical truth, “But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing” (Matthew 6:3)….See More

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