Symptoms Of Diabetes You Should Immediately Report To A Doctor

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1. Feeling more thirsty than usual.

Water is good for overall well-being but when you observe that you are drinking water more than you usually do or you now take water excessively due to abnormal thirst you need to see a doctor as it could be a symptom of diabetes

2. Frequent Urination.

As the person drinks excess water, he or she may also begin to observe that frequent urination has set in. It is common for diabetes patients to urinate more often at night.

3. Sores heal slowly.

Diabetes patients tend to have slow healing of wounds. When people with high blood sugar levels have sores or wounds, the injuries remain fresh for a longer time and may get infected if care is not taken. If you observe this, you should for a blood test immediately.

4. Frequent infections.

High blood sugar levels may cause other medical issues like coming down with infections frequently. Such a person will always have infections like gum, skin, and vaginal infections.…See More

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