The Most 3 Unbelievable Schools Around The World, Number 2 Is On Water (Photos)

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While for most of us, our relationship with education begins in school, it doesn’t always involve blackboards and long division for certain students. This article will examine some of the strangest schools in the world, from their unusual and creative settings to their peculiar course offerings.

1. Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary School

Modern schools typically feature wide, open spaces with cavernous high ceilings. Glass walls that are only partially transparent are typically found surrounding classrooms, giving them a light and airy impression. The Dongzhong Mid-Cave Primary School in Mao village, Ziyun County, China, physically built inside a cave, however, taking this to its logical conclusion.

But this was not a deliberate design decision. In contrast to his tale of design and riches, Dongzhong’s is one of tenacity in the face of hardship. One of the poorest provinces in China is the Guizhou region, where Mao is located. Due to the absence of even the most basic living standards, attending school was simply not an option. That is, until the locals took matters into their own hands and founded Dongzhong. The school was shut down in 2011 as a result of Chinese authorities’ intervention.

2. Floating schools in Bangladesh

Due of Bangladesh’s susceptibility to flooding, the educational system has had to overcome and adapt. The neighborhood non-profit Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has built a number of floating homes on boats since severe and deadly floods happen at least twice a year!

These schools incorporate every aspect of a regular classroom under one roof, but intriguingly, they do so on top of a hull.

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3. Karachi’s mobile school bus

Since 1993, the Citizens Education Development Foundation has employed cutting-edge techniques to achieve its primary objective of ensuring functional literacy for all. Over 160 students receive four, two-hour courses per day aboard the bus as it travels through various communities. Children aged five to fourteen receive instruction from the CEDF mobile school bus, which aims to leave a lasting legacy for its students. It also works to support them when they apply to traditional academic institutions…See More

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