The Story of How 8 Men Were Identified In Iran’s Women Football Players

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This is a real-life story that unfolded in football history. It took place in 2015, and sports enthusiasts worldwide were astonished by the news and visual evidence that emerged.

Eight of the players on the Iranian national women’s team were biologically male, which raised significant concerns. Typically, men possess greater physical strength, abilities, and speed, and such a discrepancy is considered a breach of the rules in football.

Reports indicated that the sports federation ordered comprehensive gender testing for all members of the Iranian female national team and the leagues to ascertain the accuracy of the rumors circulating.

A few days later, it was confirmed that there were indeed eight men on the national team who had been playing for the female national team. These individuals were in the process of undergoing gender transition procedures to align with their female identity, known as “sex reassignment surgery.”

This incident wasn’t the first of its kind for the Iranian national team. In 2010, four players from the female national team were found to be biologically male, which was also deemed unacceptable.

More recently, the government took decisive action by instituting gender verification tests for all female national team members to ensure the accuracy of their gender before participating in matches or representing the country in international events...See More

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