The Surprising Reason Why Planes Are Not Allowed To Fly Over Messi’s House (Photos)

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Lionel Messi, the renowned Argentine football player, is consistently hailed as one of the world’s top talents. This essay delves into the reasons behind the ban on aircraft flying over his multi-million-dollar estate in Argentina, a rather surprising restriction for the average person.

Such privileges are often granted in locations like presidential residences or military bases, motivated by environmental and safety concerns, particularly when it comes to protecting public figures such as presidents and heads of state.

Questions have arisen regarding why Messi, the Argentine star, enjoys this privilege, with some perceiving it as an excessive entitlement. In response to such inquiries, Javier Sanchez-Prieto, the president of a Spanish airline, clarified that it’it wast Messi himself but the location of his mansion that led to this distinction.

Situated just a few kilometers outside Barcelona, in the Gava municipality, Messi’s house is also within the protected Parque Natural del Garraf, governed by strict Spanish environmental regulations due to its rich biodiversity.

Aircraft approaching this area must alter their flight path, and it seems Messi was fortunate to secure a mansion in a strategically safer location, thus benefiting from state protection....See More

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