The Truth About The Sabbath Day; Saturday Or Sunday?

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The debate over the correct day of the Sabbath, whether it should be observed on Saturday or Sunday, has been a longstanding and contentious issue within various religious traditions. The Truth about the Sabbath Day largely depends on one’s religious beliefs and historical interpretations.

In Judaism, the Sabbath is observed on Saturday, the seventh day of the week, as it is established in the Ten Commandments. This practice dates back to biblical times and is a central element of Jewish faith and tradition.

In contrast, many Christian denominations observe Sunday as the Sabbath day, a practice that emerged in the early Christian church. This shift from Saturday to Sunday observance is often attributed to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is believed to have occurred on a Sunday. As a result, Sunday, also known as the Lord’s Day, became the primary day for Christian worship and rest.

The choice between Saturday and Sunday as the Sabbath is largely a matter of religious tradition and interpretation. Each group has its own theological and historical justifications for their respective beliefs.…See More

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