Things You Should Never Borrow From Your Neighbors

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When you are staying on your own place,you must make sure that you have what ever you want to use in your house or on your garden because not everyone that will be happy to borrow you everything.

There’s a things that we do not forget to buy, things like fridge,tv,bed, and Waldrop and all this things are too expensive.

Never borrow this things from your neighbours.

1, peg’s

Laundry pegs are more affordable than TV you can get them from R4,50 per pack. So next time you visit your favourite store pickup a pack of washing pegs.

2, wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow you can use it sometimes in your garden and it can last for more than 5 years if you don’t use it for construction purpose.

3, Broom

Broom is something that you can’t share with your neighbours because some people uses a broom to perform miracles. Is good to share things with your neighbours but not a broom.

4, shovel

Shovel can last for more than five years and you can’t be without it because you have to use it to clean your garden or construction purpose.

5, Hammer

Hammer is not too expensive and is good to have your own hammer.

6, screwdriver

When you have a set of screwdrivers in your house you can save a lot, because you will fix small problems yourself.

7, frying Pan

Borrowing a pan from a neighbours is very embarrassing you have to make sure you buy your own pans.…See More

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