Thousands Of Jews Attend Prayers To Ask For Forgiveness In The Temple Of King Solomon, The Wisest King

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In an online video, a significant number of Jewish people from various parts of the world were seen participating in a prayer gathering within a Jerusalem temple believed to be one of the largest constructed during the time of King Solomon, predating the era of Christ.

This event has taken place amid the ongoing conflict between Jews and Palestinians. Recently, Hamas militants launched an attack on Israel, leading to the hostage-taking of numerous attendees during a desert event near the western side, close to the Gaza Strip.

As of yesterday, the World Health Organization has reported approximately 1,600 casualties with many more individuals sustaining injuries. Global leaders have strongly condemned these attacks and are urging for mediation between Israel and Palestine. Israel has been conducting airstrikes on Gaza since Sunday, and the death toll is anticipated to rise. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and WHO have convened to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis in the area.

Furthermore, Israel has disrupted the supply of water and food to Gaza’s desert region. A series of explosions has been reported since Sunday following Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas, branding them a “terrorist group...See More

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