What I Did When I Met My Mother Who Abandoned Me As A Baby – Actor Charles Inojie Narrate

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Veteran actor, Charles Inojie has opened up about the emotionally charged moment he met his mother, who had abandoned him as a baby.

Recounting the encounter, Inojie said when his mother approached, everyone was silent, sensing the gravity of the reunion.

His mother was in tears, and although Inojie acknowledged her return, he remained calm and composed.

Despite the happiness of her reappearance, he chose not to display an overtly emotional reaction, because he was still pained she abandoned him when he was just a year old.

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“Everyone was quiet when she approached, she was in tears and I knew from the reaction she was my mum. I was happy she was back but I was reactionless. If she expected me to cry and go haywire, that wouldn’t’ve happen. I lived with my grandmother. I had no relationship with her till she died at age 58”.

Inojie also disclosed that, his father had also abandoned him, but later came to him.

He was left in the care of his grandmother and by the time his father returned, their relationship was strained.

“My dad also abandoned me but he later came into my life. Though I craved his energy, he didn’t really want anything to do with me. He was ashamed for abandoning me. He was crying and I was too. I bought drink and all to visit him and pray for me when I landed my job but he declined because his conscience will not let him, so I left,” he recounted.

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With a voice choked with emotions, Charles Inojie said he had lived his entire life alone, hustling on the streets and the return of his parents would add little or no value to his life.

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