What This Half-moon On The Fingernails Says About Your Health

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The body has different ways of survival. Fingers are used to perform many functions and its health is very important. Do you have this half-moon on your fingernails? If yes then see what it says about your health.

When you take a close observation to your fingers, you will notice a white patch that is half-moon shaped. They can be used to tell the status of your health. That is if you are healthy or not. If it is completely white in color, it means that you are healthy. If the color turns to pale blue, it shows that something is not right and you need to see you doctor as soon as possible.

The pale blue color might be a sign of diabetes. When the color changes to something like red, it means that the health of you heart is not okay. Your heart might be failing but you do not know. You need to monitor the half-moon or lunula on your fingernails to ensure you are healthy. If you do not have it you should find out why.…See More

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