Why Angel Michael And Satan Were Fighting Over Moses’ Body

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Jude’s writing in the book of Jude 1:9 is among the most remarkable biblical incidents. The devil and the angel of God Michael fought bitterly over Moses’ body at the moment of his burial, according to this passage of scripture.

Only the book of Jude contains a record of this incident in the Bible.

Jude 1:19–14 (KJV) However, Michael the Archangel refrained from accusing the Devil harshly when they argued over the body of Moses and instead murmured, “The Lord rebuke thee.”

The only thing we can deduce from the writings of the Old Testament is that neither the children of Israel nor anybody else to this day is aware of the precise location of Moses’ grave.

It is obvious that the author of the book of Jude obtained the material from early works of the Jewish culture as there is no other biblical passage that discusses the occurrences.

Why would the devil desire to take Moses’ body, given that he was one of the greatest prophets of all time, is a subject that many people frequently ponder.

These questions have been addressed in a variety of ways by numerous theologians. You need to be aware of the fact that no one knew where Moses’ grave was located precisely if you want to be able to respond to this question.

According to early Jewish scriptures, Michael was given the responsibility of burying the body; as a result, the devil appeared and attempted to take the body away from him.

One theory contends that the devil may have felt justified in declaring Moses was a sinner and solely supposed to be on the devil’s side since Moses had been prohibited from entering Canaan due to disobedience.

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The same factor that led God to conceal Moses’ final resting place from the Israelites in the first place may have had another cause.

It would have been quite simple for the people to make a pilgrimage to Moses’ grave site in order to worship him instead of the God who worked the amazing works through him because he was a guy who was well regarded by the people of Israel and even among the neighboring nations.

The devil must have wanted the body of Moses so as to make it an idle of worship or idol out of it so as to make the people worship him and not the one true God.

At the end of the contention, Michael finally had the victory and was allowed to have the body of Moses...See More

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