Why Do Indians Burn The Dead Bodies Of Their Relatives Into Ashes

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In India, the practice of cremating the deceased has deep cultural, religious, and practical significance. Cremation is rooted in Hinduism, the majority religion in India, where it is believed to release the soul from the cycle of rebirth and allow it to attain moksha, or liberation from the cycle of life and death.

Cremation is also practical due to India’s climate and population density. Burials can lead to land scarcity and environmental concerns. Cremation reduces the physical space required for burial and minimizes the risk of groundwater contamination.

Moreover, India’s diverse religious landscape allows for variations in funeral practices. While Hindus typically cremate, other communities may have their customs, like Muslims who prefer burial. The Sikh community often practices cremation as well, albeit with some differences.

Cremation rituals in India involve various customs, such as purifying the ashes in a sacred river like the Ganges. The ashes are then typically scattered into the water. This practice reflects a reverence for nature and the spiritual connection to rivers.…See More

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