Why Israel Is Not Part Of African Yet It Sits On African Continental Plate

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Israel is situated at the intersection of the African tectonic plate and the Great Rift Valley, which extends from eastern Africa down to Mozambique and passes through northern Israel. Travelers can reach Israel from Egypt through either the Gaza Strip or the southeastern border near the Gulf of Aqaba.

While Israel is geographically close to Egypt and shares the African Plate, it is officially considered part of Asia. It’s essential to differentiate Israel from Madagascar, as they are separated by a significant body of water.

Although Israel is on the African Plate, it is not categorized as part of Africa. Western Asian countries, including Israel, are situated on Africa’s continental plate. This concept also applies to Morocco, which has a portion within Europe/Eurasia. Similarly, Japan, Iceland, and other landmasses are part of the North American Plate due to the North American Archeological Zone.

Many people perceive America as a single continent, stemming from Waldseemüller’s naming and the European perspective of it being distinct from Asia, contrary to Columbus’s original belief.

The ancient Greeks shaped the continental understanding of the world. They placed Asia east of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, with Africa in the southern hemisphere, and Europa to the north of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Suez Canal historically separated Africa and Asia until the Suez crisis. In the past, Europe and Asia were not distinct regions, as the lands beyond the Black Sea were considered barbarian territories…..See More

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