Wonders Of God: See Photos Of The Rocks That Grow Reproduce And Move When It Rains

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According to science, every miraculous event attributed to God has a natural explanation, and the case of the stones in the Romanian village of Costesti is no different. As per local legend, these stones were initially shattered into small fragments during an earthquake, and over time, their surfaces gradually solidified.

The legend of the moving and expanding rocks in Costesti is indeed intriguing, considering that rocks are typically inert. However, scientific research offers an explanation for this phenomenon. When abundant rainwater infiltrates these rocks, it triggers chemical reactions within their core. This, in turn, exerts pressure on the outer layers, causing them to expand and accommodate the contracting inner core. Consequently, the rocks appear to move and grow in size over time.

The scientific community asserts that this process elucidates the stones’ flexibility and mobility. According to scientific theory, the chemicals and minerals within the rocks respond to rain by increasing in volume and pushing the rocks to occupy more space, resulting in their apparent...See More

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