You Blood Sugar Is High IF You Feel Pain In The Following Parts

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1. Joint pain

There are occasions when people have compounded pain as a result of stress or strenuous activity. It is imperative that you pay attention any time you experience this pain even when you are not applying any pressure.

Pain in the joints brought on by diabetes is caused by high levels of sugar in the blood, which can also injure nerve fibers and make the joints more susceptible to damage. Many people refer to this condition as “diabetes damaged nerves,” and it goes by that name.

2 . Muscle mass pain (including muscle cramps).

People who have diabetes for a long time may experience a weakening of their muscles, which can lead to soreness in the muscles. It is possible for this to be present in the individual muscles of the legs and fingers, and it is also possible for it to cause cramping and pain in the muscles.

3. Aching in the arms and legs

The most common cause of this condition is diabetic neuropathy, which occurs when nerve fibers become damaged as a result of excessive blood sugar. In most cases, the discomfort is rather modest, but it has the potential to get significantly worse over time.

4. aching in the shoulders (frozen shoulder).

According to the findings of several studies, diabetes may be the cause of frozen shoulder, sometimes referred to as frozen shoulder syndrome. If there is glucose present in the collagen fibers that surround the shoulders, this condition will result. Because of this, collagens that are in close proximity to one another tend to stick together. Shoulder discomfort and inflammation are quite common issues that are related with the shoulder.…See More

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