You Don’t Need To Call Out All Your Ancestors, Here’s What You Need To Do Instead

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When you call out your ancestors, be specific on who you are calling on. Because anyone can just come through and just pretend.

Be very specific on who you call, call them by their names e.g Thabo Dlamini, and according to your tribe, you will add some respect as you calling them. Don’t say I’m calling on all my ancestors, what about that witch aunt who died? Obviously some of our ancestors would feel you doing good and better than they did when they were alive. They will envy you. And you also need to be humble and positive.

When you call them out, find a peaceful place in your house, kneel down facing east, start by clapping hands as a way of greating them and introduce yourself, say your African name or just your full name and your parents name.

If visit them at the graveyard, first clean their tombstone or their grave, pray, phahla and leave flowers. Pour water for them in a steel or zinc cup, ask for forgiveness, thank them for all the good that happened in your life up to so far, ask for prot, directiom, update them about the situation at home, tell them your problems, ask for job, ask for money and tell them what you want to do with it…See More

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