Your Blood Sugar Very Is High If You Noticed These Symptoms In Your Foot

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Diabetes is a chronic condition where the body struggles to regulate blood sugar levels, leading to elevated glucose. Type 1 diabetes results from insufficient insulin production, while Type 2 involves ineffective insulin use. However, If You notice these symptoms in your foot, it means your blood sugar is high.

1. Leg and Foot Pain, Tingling, and Numbness.

Diabetic neuropathy is characterized by nerve damage, leading to pain and numbness in the legs, feet, and hands. Severe discomfort and disability may be experienced in some cases.

2. Foot Ulcers.

About 15% of individuals with diabetes develop foot ulcers. These open sores are typically found on the soles of the feet and can lead to minor skin damage or, in severe cases, amputation.

3. Ankle Sprain.

Diabetic nerve damage can increase susceptibility to foot issues such as athlete’s foot, a fungal infection.

4. Fungal Infection of the Nails.

Diabetics have a higher risk of toenail fungus, which can cause discolored, thick, and brittle nails.

5. Gangrene.

Diabetes can damage blood arteries supplying oxygen and blood to the extremities, resulting in tissue death and gangrene. This increases the risk of amputation.

6. Foot Anomalies.

Weakened foot muscles due to diabetes can lead to various foot deformities such as hammertoes, club feet, large metatarsal heads, and high arches.….See More

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