16 Photos Clearly Proving To You That The Nigerian Police Is Your Friend

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The Nigerian police force is constantly being portrayed as a force that is so corrupt and dark in the country. They are usually characterized by happy trigger police men who kill extrajudicially, to their constant torture and extortion from innocent citizens, in claims of them being Yahoo boys. We have seen and heard it all from concerned citizens. Many have called for the total abolishing and restructuring of the Nigerian police force due to the high level of decay that exists there

Writing this story, I recall my first encounter with the Nigerian Police Force, these guys took me to station simply because I walked up to them to ask for directions.

1.) Proposals : Not once or twice have I seen or heard news of Nigerian police men, who were able to actually turn movie actors and make the dream proposals of some Nigerian men a reality, after they aided them in faking their arrest, so as to propose to their girlfriends. In the photos below we could see that the ladies were obviously shocked and surprised, not aware of what was going on until the man knelt down to propose to them. That was when the men of the Nigerian Police Force stopped their acting.

2.) Changing Of Flat Tyres : I think no kind gesture of the Nigerian police goes viral like this particular one. Especially on the third mainland bridge, they are always helping various distressed citizens to change their spare tyres, or to even push their cars to kick start it after it developed some mechanical forces. This has happened on like 5 occasions so far now.

3.) Helping Out Accident Victim : I recall my uncle who almost died in an accident in Oyo state in 2001, you wouldn’t believe when I say it was the Nigerian police men, who claimed to come to his rescue, that ended up looting the millions that he had in his boot as at the time of the accident. But the reverse is the case in the pictures below, we can see how compassionate the police men were in attending and nursing to the wounds of the accident victims. A very clear indication that the Nigerian Police Force is your friend.

You guys can also share you own pleasant experiences with the Nigerian police that proves that they are truly our friends.….See More

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