3 Times ‘Fish Rain’ Has Been Witnessed Before And Scientific Explanations Behind Them (Photos)

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Some natural phenomenon have been witnessed in various parts of the world that have provided headache for scientist to find a satisfying explanation for, and one of such occurrences is that of the fish raining down from the sky, which has been witnessed on many occasions before.

Three (3) of these intriguing moments are compiled in this article, and based on the reports from trustworthy news outlets, the concise information that were gathered at the areas will also be shared in the Article.

3. Fish Rain In Sri Lanka Village

The incident of fish raining down in Sri Lanka has been reported more than once or twice, including the “2012 Prawn Rain” reported by the BBC, but due to the fact that were no proofs for these reports, they will not be shared in this Article.

But the Fish rain witnessed in 2014 was reported by various outlets, and according to BBC, the villagers woke up to fishes falling from the sky, and they were bespectacled by the scene.

Villagers from the Chulaw District thrilled to see hundreds of edible fishes raining from the sky after a storm had been experienced in the area, with the Total fishes gathered weighing about 50Kg.

Interestingly, some of these fishes were still alive and squirming on the ground when they were being collected by the villagers, who later had a free fish meal after gathering all the fishes.

2. The Mumbai Highway Pune Fish Rain

According to Indiatoday, it was reported that the many reports of fish raining in Mumbai in 2018 was actually a baseless rumour with the pictorial proofs sourced from the actual Mumbai Highway Pune Rainfall that happened in 2016.

As Mumbai is a region with torrential rainfalls and storms, the region was liable to witness something of this sort anyway, and the video recording of 2016 showed how people were picking the fishes on the Highway.

Below are pictures from the Mumbai Highway Pune Fish Rain:

1. Andhra Pradesh Fish Rain

In 2015, Indiatimes reported a case of fish raining down in the Gollamudi and Pallagiri region of Andhra Pradesh, with villagers running about picking the fishes that had fallen from the sky.

A resident of the area that was interviewed by the Indiatimes mentioned that he thought the people were actually joking about it when he heard, until he saw it with his own eyes. In his words, he said: “I thought it was a joke but when I went out, I too found fish in yn backyard and also on the road.”

And What Does Science Has To Say About This Fish Rain?

Based on the researches made by climatologist, mariners and geologists regarding after the first Fish Rain was reported, it was discovered that the fish raining was possible because the the fish were not actually falling directly from the sky.

Instead, the fishes were lifted off the nearby water-bodies by storms, tornadoes, torrents or whirlwinds, which forms a ball of water (Waterspout), and the fish would be contain in the vortex (center).

After transporting the waterspout for a while, the current loses its energy, and therefore pours it’s contents wherever the vortex breaks, which happened to be Sri Lanka in 2014, Mumbai in 2016 and Pradesh in 2015…..S££ MOR£

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