3 Ways Old Men Use In “Winning” The Love Of Younger Women

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1. The older men know they are competing with the younger generation when it comes to women, but they are more at advantage because they have money, time and confidence, which a young man might not have.

Older men are very courageous when it comes to talking to women who are younger than them, but a young man might find it hard or get shy to approach a woman. One thing a woman likes in a man is confident. A man that can tell her in the face I love you and really show it. Older men likely have time, money and confidence when it comes to chasing a woman of their dream.

2. Older men likely have seen it all and at times are in the stage of life a younger man has not yet reached or achieved yet. Older men show more stability when it comes to wealth, flashy cars and taking their ladies to a plush restaurant or hotels and having fun.

Some older men even go as far as renting extensive apartments or houses for the woman they are in love with, and when it comes to giving out money, you can’t compare an older man with a young man when it comes to showing of wealth or giving out money. Because older men are already made, but young men are still growing up.

And women love fun, someone who can blow their minds with expensive things. A man that can show her what is called financial freedom.

The truth is every woman wants a man who can fully take care of her, a man that is stable and can take her out on expensive trips, dinners and pamper her like a baby. The older men are more ahead and experts when it comes to this. At times, they are called sugar daddy.

3. Older men are highly matured in all levels, their maturity is very high, and they have no time for dramas like younger men.

They don’t fight women, and when they think you don’t have their time, they might likely move on.

So you see the reasons why some younger women are more attracted to older men when it comes to a relationship or marriage…..S££ MOR£

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