A Man Came And Proposed To Me Twice And I Rejected His Proposal Because I Didn’t Have Full Information About His Financial Status, He Was Too Impatient

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I know it is my mistake but hear me out. A man came and proposed to me twice and I rejected his proposal because I didn’t have full information about his financial status. He was too impatient.

He went ahead and proposed to my younger sister. He didn’t know she was my younger sister. My sister accepted him so easily. They went ahead and got married. He only discovered when they came to see my parents for bride price that she’s my little sister.
The issue here is the man is a senior accountant in a big company . He also runs private businesses( super market, petrol station and hotel) that earn him multiple profits steadily.

When I ask for money from him he tells me to pass through my younger sister. But when i go to my young sister she will only give me 20k or sometimes 15k. Her husband gives her sometimes 500K from the businesses monthly. She will give my parents 100K and husband’s mother 100K too. But to me she’s been stingy.

She doesn’t know this man was actually mine. He proposed to me first. For him to propose to me first it means he loves me more than her. She’s very stingy and uncaring . I am hurt…..S££ MOR£

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