Cost Of Moulding Blocks Vs Buying Blocks, Which One Is Better In Nigeria?

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People who wants to build their own house have no idea if making is better than buying blocks. Both options have it’s pros and cons but first here is a rough estimate of what it presently cost to mould about 1000 unit of building blocks, then we will make our a good comparison.

Materials required for block moulding are;

1) 25 Bags of cement

2) Sharp Sand (Double tipper)

3) Water

4) Labour

There might be source of water nearby so you won’t have to worry about water because it is a free gift of nature. With the listed materials needed, it is time to estimate the quantity of blocks be produced or moulded. Since it is yours and you will be using it personally, you should try as much as possible to make the blocks solid because solid blocks means a very solid building.

1 bag of cement = 40 units of solid block blocks.

25 bags will produce; 25 × 40= 1000 units of block.

A double tipper load of sharp sand and 25 bags of cement will produce 1000 blocks.

The monetary calculation now go as follows; 

1) 25 bags of cement (N8000 each) ;N200,000

2) Sharp sand ( Double tipper) = N80000 (N40000 per tipper).

3) Labour required is N2500 per bag ×25=62500

Total: N200000+N80000+62500= N3042500

Comparing how much it will cost buying from commercial block dealers;

1 Block = 350 Naira (Market price )

1000 Blocks = 1000 x N350 = N350,000

Cost of moulding 1000 blocks = N342500

Cost of buying 1000 blocks = N350,000.

Profit (N342500 – N350,00) = N7500 saved.

There are other things to put into consideration when you decide to mould your blocks;

1) Monitor and inspect your work to be sure the workers mix the right amount of cement with sand to ensure your blocks are of good quality.

2) Provide proper security in your site to secure because of theft…..See More

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