How Was Jesus’ Death A Real Sacrifice If He Knew He Would Be Resurrected?

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Imagine you have a magic power to come back to life after you die. Even with that power, choosing to die for someone else would still be a big sacrifice, right? That’s kind of what happened with Jesus.

Jesus knew He would come back to life after He died. But He still chose to go through the pain of dying because He wanted to show His love for people and save them from their mistakes.

Think about it this way: Imagine your friend is in trouble, and the only way to save them is for you to get hurt. Even if you know you’ll be okay in the end, it would still be hard, right? That’s what Jesus did for everyone.

Jesus didn’t just die in an easy way. He went through a lot of pain. He was hurt, mocked, and nailed to a cross. It was a really tough and painful way to die. But He did it because He loved people so much.

His death wasn’t just about the pain. It was also about taking away all the bad things people do. He believed that by dying, He could take away all the mistakes and wrongs that people had ever done or would ever do. That’s a huge thing to do, even if you know you’ll be okay later.

Jesus’ death wasn’t just about what happened to Him physically. It was also about what it meant for people’s hearts and spirits. He wanted to show people how much God loves them and how far He was willing to go to save them.

Even though Jesus knew He would come back to life, His death was still a real sacrifice because it showed His incredible love and willingness to suffer for others. It’s like saying, “Even though I’ll be okay later, I’m willing to go through this pain because I care about you so much.” That’s why Jesus’ death is such a big deal for people who believe in Him.….S££ MOR£

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