Meet The Boy Who Sold His Kidney To Buy An iPhone, See Why He Needed The iPhone

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What percentage of the time do you spend on your smartphone? Is it possible to sell your kidney to purchase a new smartphone if you somehow lose it today? This is a question I’d like you to think about and frankly answer, but first, let’s look at today’s thread, which is about a boy who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone.

Years earlier, Chinese national Wang Shangkun mentioned his desire to purchase an iPhone, which he did in 2011. He sold his kidney on the black market when he was just 17 years old in order to get an iPhone. After much searching online, he found a bidder for his right kidney and sold it for 2.1 lakes.

Despite the fact that the procedure was unethical, he decided to go ahead with it anyway, and it resulted in an infection in his left kidney, which led to liver failure. Wang bought the iPhone 4, which was the most recent iPhone at the time, as well as an iPad 2 with the money he earned after selling his kidney.

Take a look at why he needed an iPhone:

When asked about the rumors, Wang said he wanted to show his playmates the new iPhone. His dad, on the other hand, couldn’t afford it, so he had to come up with a solution.

Please be aware of the friends your children hang out with. Ensure that they imitate others who will tell them the right thing, rather than friends who will push them to sacrifice their life for the sake of displaying their wealth..…S££ MOR£

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