10 People In The Bible Who Committed Serious Sins And God Never Gave Them Second Chance (Photos)

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1. Prophet Moses

Moses is one of the Bible’s most important prophets. When we compare Moses to other prophets, we can see that he was exceptional. God used Moses to perform some of the greatest miracles in human history, and we learn about the tale of creation and how the world came to be via him.

He was such a powerful prophet that even God spoke to him face to face. Even after God had used him to accomplish great things, a little blunder caused God to change his mind about permitting him to go to Canaan. Instead of speaking to the rock to ask for water, Moses became enraged and struck it, which did not delight God, even though water gushed out. Moses tried to ask for forgiveness, but God stated he didn’t want to hear about it, and Moses missed Canaan as a result.

2. Saul, King of Israel

King Saul was Israel’s first king, and as such, God intended for his dominion to exist forever so that his descendants would rule forever. Saul merely made one major blunder, and God abandoned him. He became impatient while waiting for the prophet Samuel to come and offer a sacrifice to God, and as a result, God rejected him and raised king David.

3. Abimelech

Most of you are probably familiar with the story of Abimelech, the son of Gideon, an Israelite judge. He had 70 brothers, and he resolved to kill them all so that he would be the only one left to reign on behalf of his father. This enraged God so much that he planned to humiliate him even in the manner in which he died.

He was slain by a woman who fell a milestone from a rooftop accident, and because he didn’t want it to appear like he was killed by a woman, he ordered one of his men to kill him to finish him off.

4. Cain

The earliest recorded case of murder in the Bible occurs in the first book of the Bible, and it was caused by Cain’s envy of his brother Abel. Cain killed his brother when God accepted his offering but rejected his own, and even when God came to ask where his brother was knowing what had transpired, he still refused to be his brother’s keeper. God was so furious with him that he turned him into a wanderer for the rest of his life.

5. Samson

We can’t talk about strength and power without mentioning Samson, yet we all know what happened to him. He had been heavily used by God to exact punishment on Israel’s enemies, but he was not pleased.

God was angered when he was tempted by a woman and revealed the secret to his strength, and he was shaved, God removed his power from him, and he became as helpless as any man, and the king of pain he endured was so disastrous. God never gave him a second thought, and it wasn’t until his hair began to grow that God’s authority returned to him.

6. Judas Iscariot

It’s impossible to discuss betrayal without mentioning this man named Judas Iscariot. A close friend of Jesus, and I disciple’s secretary, took a different path than the others and decided to betray his master. It was a terrible error that caused him so much shame that he had no choice but to commit suicide. The money he received as a reward for betraying Jesus was used to purchase property, which he needed urgently.

7. Achan

Achan’s narrative is recounted in Joshua chapter 7 of the Bible. Unlike many other times, God gave the Israelites precise instructions while they were going to fight on this particular occasion. They were not intended to carry anything but demolish everything on this specific day after destroying the inhabitants of Jericho.

Achan, on the other hand, spotted some precious items and chose to take them to his tent, causing chaos in the camp. Of course, they had to draw lots, and he was identified as the one who had disobeyed God’s commands. The people and God never gave it a second consideration, and he was stoned to death along with his children, cattle, sheep, and donkeys.

8. Korah, Dathan, and Abiram

The three men were dead set on deposing Moses from his throne because they believed he was a totalitarian ruler who was prideful and unholy. They were dead set on deposing him, even if it meant killing him. Moses, like so many others, went to his knees and cried out to God, making one of the most stunning declarations.

God defended Moses, and as God’s presence felt, the ground opened up, and all three of them, together with their families, were buried alive before the ground closed up again. God didn’t give it a second thought.

9. Miriam

According to the examination of the books of Torah, Miriam was Moses’ only sister and also a musician, according to bible scholars. Miriam began to take Moses for granted since she was the sister of a famous man, and she began to question whether God only spoke to Moses.

God was so irritated by Miriam’s grumble that he sent Moses down to defend him and clarify matters. Miriam was also hit with leprosy, forcing her to leave the camp until Moses could plead and petition God for pardon on her behalf.

10. Lucifer and the fallen angels

Lucifer was anointed and assigned in charge of Worship in heaven after being recognized as the angel of light and the morning star. The desire to be like God and to elevate himself above God was the worst error ever made, and God never regretted it. He was immediately cast out of paradise and sentenced to eternal damnation…..See More

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