4 Things That Will Happen Before The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

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When Jesus Christ returns to earth, the Bible says he will judge both the living and the dead. Christians, in particular, have high hopes that Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins, would return to earth one day. Although no one knows when Jesus Christ will return, the Bible predicts four events that will take place prior to his arrival. I’m going to tell you about the five significant events that will take place before Jesus Christ returns.

1. War between nations, earthquakes, natural disasters, and hunger

If you just look around, you’ll see evidence of this. In Matthew 24:7, Jesus predicts that “nations and kingdoms would rise against one another in the future.” Famines and earthquakes will occur in all parts of the world. Before Christ returns, there will be natural disasters, instability, and war rumors.

2. Church-based deception

According to Matthew Chapter 24 verse 11, many false prophets will arise in the end times and garner enormous numbers of followers, claiming to have the answers to all their problems. This has already happened in the modern world, where many false prophets are actively spreading erroneous information concerning God’s message.

3. Christians are being persecuted.

According to Matthew 24:9, as a result of me, you will be stoned to death, persecuted, and despised by all countries. This is already occurring; a good example is when brothers turn against one another, or when fathers turn against their children, among other things.

4. The gospel will be spread throughout the entire world.

For Christ’s return to be feasible, this message had to be extensively proclaimed. Those who are unaware of his identity will be held accountable for his acts. It is still a good thing if the gospel reaches everyone. It will be too late for Jesus to be born because some people haven’t heard. In Matthew 24:14, Jesus prophesied that the gospel of Jesus Christ’s kingdom will be preached throughout history to all countries as a witness to all peoples…..See More

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