Do You Know The Difference Between “Jesus” And “Christ”? Here Is Explanation From Two Pastors

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One of the blessings a believer receives as a result of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection is the Gift of Interpretation. This gift enables believers to interpret the Bible with amazing skill, and one of the interpretations offered by certain believers is the distinction between Jesus and Christ. Jesus is not a person, according to several general overseers, including:

1. The Reverend Chris Oyakhilome

He oversees the Believers’ Love World Incorporated, also called the “Christ Embassy,” as general overseer. Christ, according to pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is a location rather than a specific person. Is Jesus Christ a person or a spirit?, he was asked. In response, he said this.

Christianity is far more than simply worshiping God, the pastor had said. Therefore, he claimed that although Jesus came to earth in the form of a man to die for humanity, when the Holy Spirit descended upon Him, He was changed into Jesus the Christ.

According to the Bible, after dying and rising, Jesus went to prepare a place for us. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome claims that region is known as “Christ.” Another name for that place is “Zion.” He continued by saying that rather than being a human, the Church of the First Born is Christ.

2. Evangelist Arome Osayi

Apostle Arome Osayi of the Remnant Christian Network (RCN) asserted that Jesus is not Christ while lecturing on “what is the difference between Jesus and Christ.” He thinks that Jesus is a person and that Christ is a place.

Christ, he said, is a spiritual executive branch. The foundation of Jesus’ mission to speak for God and reconcile us to ourselves is found here. He continued by saying that without this office, nobody could approach God, so God created it to grant His children full access to Him……….S££ MOR£

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