Have You Ever Seen The Shift Key in An Automatic Car? This is What it Helps With

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Most vehicles we have on our roads today are automated and have a safety key called shift lock. Most people more so those who don’t know how to drive have no understanding of what the key helps the driver with.

If you have been wondering how the key works then today you are going to know all about it. The shift key acts like the clutch in manual vehicles. It helps the driver to switch between the drive, park, neutral and reverse options available.

Using the shift lock key, the driver can lock the gear at any place he wants. For example, when the driver wants the car to remain in parking mode, he moves the gear to parking mode and inserts the shift key. This ensure that the gear does not move from the option as it locks it there.

When un parking, the shift key is released and only then will one change the gear to a desired option. It is just that simple. I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Like, share and follow the page for more articles daily…..See More

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