Meet The World’s Most Pierced Woman With 15,000 Piercings And Even Need More (Photos)

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The 56-year-old Elaine Davidson currently holds the record for having the most piercings. Elaine Davidson got her first piercing in 1997 and hasn’t looked back since. She currently has over 15,000 piercings and is confident she will get to 20,000. Davidson presently has more than 15,000 piercings, and she is optimistic that she will eventually reach 20,000.

The nurse reportedly revealed that she has 3,500 piercings, 3,500 of which are in her vagina. The nurse reportedly revealed that she has 3,500 piercings, 3,500 of which are in her vagina. She got her first skin piercing in 1997, and she currently carries over 15,000 metallic accessories, which are thought to weigh more than three kg. Over 3,500 of those, according to Davidson, are in her vagina, and she plans to reach 20,000 to keep her world record.

The former nurse, who now resides in Edinburgh but is originally from Brazil, first broke the record in May 2000 when a Guinness World Records official checked her and discovered 462 body piercings, including 192 on her face. She revealed during her appearance on ITV’s ThisMorning that accomplishing that legendary feat had been a lifelong goall. “I really wanted to be a Guinness World Record holder, and this book was my passion, my everything, and my ambition,” she recalled. “After a lot of effort, I was able to meet the Guinness World Record team, and they welcomed me into the family. It was great, and it was one of the finest things that had happened to me.”

Elaine never takes off her earrings or rings. She also claims that getting her ears pierced is painless and, amazingly, that it doesn’t stop her from sleeping comfortably with all of her jewelry still on. Elaine is a woman of many talents who can also walk on fire, sleep on a bed of nails, lay on broken glass, and hold a black belt in judo that she obtained in Japan. Additionally, the world record holder has spent 20 years performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival….S££ MOR£

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