See The Town In South Africa Where Black People Are Not Allowed To Live In

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The Western Powers colonized the majority of African countries. The majority of them battled for their freedom. South Africa, for example, gained independence in the early 1990s. There are, however, some localities where Africans are not permitted to stay.

Orania is a town in Cape Town, South Africa, that is located in the northern portion of the city. This is Africa’s only town where black people are not permitted to reside. The village is populated by descendants of the colonizers of South Africa. These folks speak Afrikaans, which is their native tongue.

When apartheid was still in effect in South Africa, the town was founded in 1991. The town was established for Dutch, French, and German immigrants to South Africa during the 17th century.

The town is built on 8000 hectares of farmland and is located along the Orange River. Any black person who wishes to remain in the town must first obtain permission from the town council……..See More

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