The Only Country In Africa That Exports Electricity To Europe

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The Noor complex is a 500 MW solar park in Morocco’s Agadir region, in the town of Quarzazate. The area enjoys about 330 days of sunshine annually, making it the perfect setting. The world’s largest concentrated solar facility is this one.

The project, which occupies a 2,500-hectare area, annually offsets 760,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Success in the country’s quest to become a solar superpower might usher in a new sector for a nation that, until recently, imported 97% of its energy requirements.

Together, the reflectors move to track the sun and focus energy onto a synthetic oil that travels through a system of pipelines. A turbine-driven generator is powered by high-pressure water vapor that is created at temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius. Reservoirs hold some of the energy from the day, allowing for the continuation of production for up to three hours after nightfall.

It is the only country in Africa with a power cable connection to Europe, and it uses it to export extra power to Germany and its neighbors. Its carbon emissions are consistent with the Paris Agenda’s aim to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius…S££ MOR£••

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