Wizkid And Jada P Is A Clear Definition Of Age Is Just A Number, See Their Age Difference

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Wizkid (real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun) is a Nigerian musician and singer-songwriter, while Jada P (full name Jada Pollock) is his manager and lovely partner.

Born on July 16, 1990. On the other hand, Jada P was born on October 20, 1983. However, we will also show you some photos in this article.

Considering their birth dates, the age difference between Wizkid and Jada P is 7 years. Wizkid is 33 years old while Jada P his manager and more is 40 years old.

Regardless of their age, Wizkid and Jada P had a close and affectionate relationship. Beyond their professional collaboration as artists and managers, they are also romantically involved.

Their loving relationship was known to the public, and they often shared glimpses of their bond on social media and during public appearances.

Jada P, in addition to being Wizkid’s manager, is also a supportive partner in his life. Their relationship is characterized by mutual admiration, respect, and love.

They frequently expressed their affection for each other through heartfelt messages and gestures, which further endeared them to their fans….See More

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