19 Wise African Proverbs You Should Read Before The End Of June

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For a very long time, these leadership proverbs have influenced and motivated African leadership. They play a significant role in the history of Africa and stand for principles that our generation can adopt.

1. Good deeds must come first. South African sayings

2. Effective leadership doesn’t require a lot of talking. Knowledge from Uganda

3. A good follower once served as a good leader.

4. The individual who believes they are in charge but has no adherents is simply strolling (Malawian Proverbs)

5. A good chief is like a forest in that anyone can go there and find something. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the source of these proverbs.

6. A person in a position of authority should not refuse advice. (Kenyan sayings)

7. Those who will rule do not need to engage in combat. Knowledge from Uganda

8. Always keep your eyes on the ground, even when told to look up.

9. The sun-phobic won’t ever be in a position of power (Ugandan Proverbs)

10. The inability to command someone who disobeys (Kenyan Proverbs)

11. The cockroach must hire the fox as a bodyguard if it wants to rule the chicken (Sierra Leone Proverbs)

12. A king never emerges from a large chair (Sudanese Proverbs)

13. Keep in mind what it’s like to be a sailor despite being the captain (Tanzanian Proverbs)

14. A boat doesn’t know who is in charge. Everyone gets wet when it flips over. (Adages from Madagascar)

15. When the community is calm, the chief does not carry a shield. Knowledge from Uganda

Black ants are perplexed in the absence of a leader (Uganda Proverbs)

17. If the leader gets tired, everyone in the hunting party does too. (Sayings in Namibian)

18. If the people are content, find the chief. (Proverbs from Liberia)

19. Too many captains make it difficult for the ship to sail properly. (Tanzanian sayings…..Sée Móre

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