Dear Men, Women Will Chase You If You Do These Things

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Almost all men are totally unaware that women do chase them as well. They do not believe that women can go after men, in today’s article am going to give you some few techniques you can use to entice women to approach you and ask you for outs and dates. Use these techniques to get her follow you.

1. Stop following women, the first rule very man must take is to stop chasing women. If you appear to chase women, they will ignore you.

2. Be dominant as a man, men who tend to be average do not get any attention from women.

3. Always be the first person to cut off a call or an online conversation.

4. Do not ask women direct questions like “do you love me?” Instead ask something that will make her feel special. “How about me”, you will find them getting close to you.….Séé Móré

Séé Men, If You Notice A Woman Doing The Following Things, Am Sorry Sir, She is Just Using You

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