Logical Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Single Mother and Marry Her

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When it comes to love, everything else doesn’t matter. That’s why you can fall in love with a single mother. Since her good heart is everything you need, you don’t care even she already had children. But if you want to get things more serious with her, you might find out the reasons why you should never date a single mother and marry her.

Unlike dating woman with no children (or marriage history), dating a single mom is different in all the way. She has her own priority in life and she doesn’t take relationship as a joke. Here are more to the reasons.

  1. She’s Hardly Available

Clear enough, you can’t have her anytime you want. She might cancel the date last minute because “she has more important thing coming up”. To spend time with her is very hard, let alone have a regular date. It’s the first truth you have to face if you date a single mom. Her schedule is as tight as Ariana Grande. Also read Signs She’s Not Worth Your Time

  1. Because You’re Not His Priority

Why did she always cancel the date and you find it hard just to be with her? You are simply not her priority. You fall behind the list after her kids, her job, her household, cooking, picking up kids from school, and more. Every man who is dating a single mother should be mentally prepared for this.

  1. She Thinks She’s the Center of the World

Believe it or not, a single mother is one of the biggest narcissist when it comes to dating. The fact that a man fall in love with her makes her think that he is willing to give up everything for her sake and her children. If she is selfish enough, she wouldn’t bother to think about what you actually need. Also read How to Get What You Want from a Narcissistic Man

  1. She Has Her Feeling on Somebody Else

And this is true. You must not doubting that her love for her kids are more than she has or you. They are her main focus and you are not more than supporting actors in her life. More than that, most single mothers already give their heart to her kids’ father. Even when she has moved on, you can always feel the distance.

  1. Her Ex Husband is Always There

And this is probably the hardest thing to deal with, and that is why you should never date a single mother and marry her. You can never get rid of her ex-husband. He will always appear occasionally, in the most crucial moments—her kids’ birthday, her kids’ grad day, parents’ day at school. The outsider feeling is real. Also read Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Over Her Ex Husband

  1. You Have to Deal with Her Children

Dating a single mother means you don’t only have to steal her heart but also her kids’ heart. For most single mom, her kids matter more than herself, so that her kids’ blessing is a permission for her. Many broken kids believe that their father is the best and they will never let any other man take the place.

  1. You Learn to be a Good Father Earlier

You don’t have any preparation to learn how to be a good father. You have to adjust yourself immediately to their age. If the kids are still under 5 years old, it won’t be that hard. But if they are teenagers, you won’t have it easy. Also read Signs of Good Husband Material to Marry

  1. She Victimize Herself in Her Situations

A single mother who was divorced place herself as a victim. She now has to live on her own, struggling everyday to raise her kids, and she usually blame the situation. It often happen in the early stage of post-divorce. And when another man try to get close to her, she tend to set a high expectation on him. She demand that man to perfect and all the way better than her ex-husband.

  1. She Has Endless Problems

In a single mother’s life, there is no day passed without drama. She seems to have endless problem that never ceased, one after another. A new crisis appear everyday in her life. From her kids’ behavior, their tantrum, to how hard to make a living. A single mother like to whine because she wants to get the attention as she gives all herself to her kids. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. And She Might Want to Take Revenge on Her Ex

Do you ever think why a single mother wants to start a relationship out of the blue? Because he ex-husband just date (or married) a single woman who is young and hot. Between ex-spouse, there is this unwritten competition about who will date first. She surely doesn’t want to lose it to him……Víēw Móré

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