See What A South African Lady Confessed She Found About Her Nigerian Husband That Scared Her

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In a shocking and tragic turn of events, Linda, a South African woman, deeply regrets her unlawful marriage to a Nigerian man, who has been revealed as a ritualist. Linda has been married for over seven years, unaware that her husband, has been using her and their child for ritualistic purposes to obtain wealth and South African citizenship.

The horrifying truth came to light after the tragic loss of their child in 2023. Linda discovered that her husband had used their child in rituals to gain money and fund a lavish lifestyle. During their marriage, he acquired expensive cars and properties while evading taxes, raising suspicions about his financial dealings.

Linda’s ordeal has been harrowing. She was reduced to a “baby-making machine” to sustain her husband’s nefarious activities, enduring numerous miscarriages, allegedly used by her husband for his ritual practices. The emotional and physical toll on Linda has been devastating.

Now, Linda seeks justice and safety. She has initiated divorce proceedings and filed a protection order against her husband after he threatened her. This case has drawn attention to the broader issue of illegal activities by some foreign nationals in South Africa, further complicating the already tense socio-political landscape.

The involvement of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, who advocates for the integration of foreign nationals into South African communities, has added fuel to the fire. Critics argue that this stance might inadvertently facilitate such criminal activities, though it is crucial to note that the actions of a few should not tarnish the reputation of an entire community.

Linda’s story underscores the need for stricter immigration controls and better protection for vulnerable individuals in such situations. As she seeks to rebuild her life, her case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of unchecked illegal activities and the importance of vigilance and support for victims…..Sée Móre

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